Joe, a Welding employee in you

Joe, a Welding employee in your steel manufacturing company, has been employed with you for 17 years and works full-time. He is known to suffer from sleep apnea. He has a CPAP machine that was prescribed following an overnight sleep study and discusses his progress with his sleep specialist and primary care physician. Joe’s inability to get a good night’s rest causes him to be groggy and tired in the mornings. This tiredness / exhaustion causes Joe to be tardy to work on an almost daily basis. Your manufacturing company works 3 shifts and it’s a very firm, set shedule (7a-3p, 3p-11p, 11p-7a). If Joe shows up at 7:01am, he’s considered late and gets attendance demit points. Joe senses his job may be at risk, and shows up in your office requesting FMLA paperwork. He shares that he’d like to take FMLA everyday from 7a-8a. Take 300 words to share your next steps, thought process, potential solutions, etc. Utilize and quote laws, regulations, best-practices, etc. This is your chance to be a practitioner with a real life situation. Yes, this exact scenario happened to me as an HR Manager.

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