Joan Casey is a career probation officer. She majored in criminal justice as an undergraduate, 400 word law paper

Read the following and answer the question below with a minimum of 400 words.

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Joan Casey is a career probation officer. She majored incriminal justice as an undergraduate, holds memberships in several nationalcorrectional organizations, attends training conferences, and does a lot ofreading on her own time to stay current in the field. Casey began working forthe Collier County Probation Department soon after she graduated from collegeand was promoted to a supervisory position, where she supervises an adultprobation unit consisting of eight seasoned probation officers. The unit isresponsible for investigating approximately 80 offenders a month and preparingpresentence investigation (PSI) reports on them. Collier County’s ProbationDepartment made the front page of the local newspapers twice in the past month.Both times it was a nightmare for the chief probation officer, Jack Brown, andthe entire agency. “Northside Stalker Gets Probation!” screamed the firstheadline, and then, just a week later, “Collier County Soft on Crime!” Browncalled a management team meeting: “Better PSIs,” he said, “or heads are gonnaroll!” Everybody got the point. This week Brown is on annual leave and Casey isthe designated officer in charge. One of Casey’s probation officers hasrecommended intermediate sanctions for a 23-year-old man who murdered hisstepfather with a knife after suffering many years of physical and mentalabuse. The young man had no prior record and had been an incest victim since hewas 5 years old; he is considered an otherwise nonviolent person, a lowrecidivism risk. Casey is aware of the probation officer’s recommendation andagrees with it. However, she receives a call from a well-known veteran localtelevision anchor—a strong crusader in the local war against crime. He knowsthe young man will be sentenced tomorrow.

Which form of intermediatesanction would appear to hold the most promise for the offender in this case?

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