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I need help with my programming homework the description is as follows:

Data analysis notebook

In this homework you need to develop a python notebook (using Jupyter) containing an analysis derived from a dataset (in a .csv format) that you will have to select. In practice, once selected a dataset of interest among those indicated below, first you have to define a set of questions that are relevant for the dataset and that you want to address. Then, you must use python to extract and process the relevant data and create informative graphics and summaries. Your notebook must contain the documentation of the project, code, and any graphs you have used to reach your conclusions. In a very real sense you are using Jupyter to write a report that includes discussion of the data, some hypotheses about what you expect to find in the data, code to analyze the data, code to graph the data, and the graphs themselves. Read carefully the description of each of these elements below and make sure your notebook contains all the required information before submitting.


You must generate at least 4 graphs from the dataset of choice. A good approach is to come up with a first hypothesis for the data, and plot a graph to check if it is confirmed or not. If it is, you can come up with another hypothesis and/or refine the graph for extracting more information. If it is not, you can generate other graphs to find out why, and so on.


The documentation must contain:

• Title

• Author (i.e., your name)

• Description of the dataset (what it is about, where it was obtained, the data it contains, etc.)

• Explanation of how the data is represented in python (do you use lists, dictionaries, tuples? What are keys and values? etc.)

• For each graph generated, a description of what you are trying to find out and how the information needed for the graph can be obtained from the data

. • For each graph generated, an explanation of the conclusions you have reached, if they confirm your expectations, why or why not.


In your code, the dataset file should be read once and stored in some kind of data structure in Python. You should not open and read the file each time you are creating a new graph (this will be considered as a major error). All the code submitted should work properly and generate the graphs in the notebook. In particular, if you click on Cell → Run all no errors should appear and all output should be generated on the fly. It goes without saying that the code must be written following a good style (i.e., meaningful variable and function names, good spacing in the statements, use of inline comments, use of functions to make the code as modular as possible and avoid code repetitions). Think of a good way to split your code into cells, so there is a nice balance of text, code and graphs. Use comments when necessary to explain what each part does.

Data sets:(The first link contains a brief description of the dataset and the second
link is for downloading the file.)

occurrence of pneumonia in children:



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