Japanese warrior ethos discussion post.

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Word count at least 350

Ethos can be defined as “the characteristic spirit of a culture, era, or community as manifested in its beliefs and aspirations.” This week, we’ve learned about warriors as they became a conscious community of rulers. You’ve done several readings about warrior society – The Tale of the Heike, The Gokurakuji Letter, and Hōjō Soun’s 21 articles. In a way, each is focused on what it means to be a warrior. Based on your readings, how would you define warrior ethos during the medieval period? What are the most important qualities for a warrior according to your readings? How should warriors act? How should warriors treat those around them? How would they define their role in society?

Response Topic:

Once you’ve written about what you think defines warrior ethos, pick two groupmates whose posts you find intriguing. Respond to your groupmates focusing on the following questions: Do you agree with their assessment? Has their post expanded your understanding of the materials? Did your classmate leave out any aspects from the film, reading, or lecture? (Due Sunday, 11:59 pm)

Please use examples from the texts and cite page numbers. Feel free to discuss Seven Samurai as well, but be sure to draw at least two examples from two different assigned readings.

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