Jack plans to borrow his first

Jack plans to borrow his first mortgage to buy a residential property. He just placed a 1.9%% deposit to purchase a $$1,434,300 this property. Jack has $$191,980 in cash available to pay for the house mortgage.

Given Jack’s less than stellar credit rating, the bank, let’s say CBA, decides to purchase enough mortgage insurance, how much capital does CBA have to set aside to service this loan according to the Basel III agreement?

(Round your answer to the second decimal places, and don’t insert a comma. For example, use 1000, not 1,000)

Loan-to-Valuation ratio Risk weight (No mortgage insurance) Risk weight (at least 40% of the mortgage insured by insurance)
0 – 60% 35% 35%
60.01 – 80% 35% 35%
80.01 – 90% 50% 35%
90.01 – 100% 75% 50%
More than 100% 100% 75%

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