IWCC World Scientists Warn of Climate Emergency Discussion

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“World scientists warn of climate emergency” (CNA, Nov. 6 2019)
World scientists warn of climate emergency (Links to an external site.)World scientists warn of climate emergency

“Students around the world go on climate strike” (Guardian News, 2019)
Students around the world go on climate strike (Links to an external site.)Students around the world go on climate strike

and Dr. James Hansen’s TED talk (Why I must speak out about climate change (Links to an external site.)).

Research the Internet on climate change in Iowa (or other state if you prefer). What are the most recent projections for climate change in Iowa?

How do you think we can fight climate change?

How can your community prepare for the effects of climate change?

Please answer the questions (at least 250 words) and respond to at least three of your classmate’s posts.

Please use your critical thinking skills. Try to think outside of the box!

Please make sure to cite your sources.

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