ITEC 6610 – Week 5 – Evaluating different IT Solutions

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To prepare for this Project, download the Vendor Evaluation Matrix Template located in the Learning Resources for this Week. Next, explore the media Selection and Evaluation of IT Solutions (you can ignore the case study in the media for this particular Assignment). Finally, search the Internet and find three examples of actual identity and access management tools. You will calculate an overall score for each of the tools.

For this Project you will develop and use a matrix for evaluating different identity management tools from vendors as part of a request for proposals (RFP). This matrix will allow your team to choose the best tool to manage identities and access at your organization.

This evaluation matrix will assist you in doing the following:

  • Score the technical functionality of identity management tools from multiple vendors
  • Analyze the support and estimate the costs and resources involved in acquiring, deploying, and supporting these solutions
  • Provide an unbiased numerical ranking of the products, based on your best estimations

For this assignment, prepare a 5- to 7-page report assessing three identity management tools. Include the following in your report:

  • Develop your evaluation matrix by repopulating the vendor evaluation matrix template with appropriate questions and your assigned scores to evaluate the three identity and access management tools that you have identified. Refer to the sample vendor evaluation matrix template from the Learning Resources in this Week to develop questions for the matrix you are creating.
  • Substantiate your methodology of tool selection by using an evaluation matrix with references based on your research.
  • List and rank the three identity and access management tools in the evaluation matrix that you have created for this evaluation. Make whatever assumptions you need to estimate costs.
  • Explain the results of your evaluation, and include the scored matrix used for this evaluation.

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