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I’m trying to learn for my English class and I’m stuck. Can you help?

For this Apply, you will complete a stylistic imitation. First, choose a mundane task, such as preparing breakfast or making your bed. Then, turn that simple moment into a heroic tale, like Rape of Lock. Your “tale” should include similar stylistic devices: at least two allusions to art or literature (at least one must be something that we read in this course so far) and plenty of imagery (appeal to a minimum of three of the five senses).

For inspiration, view the video of the title sequence for the television show Dexter. Dexter is a crime drama. In the sequence, Dexter wakes up and performs normal morning tasks such as flossing, making coffee, and shaving. However, the style of the video makes these everyday actions look like features in a murder or crime scene. This is what your Apply should strive to do: take the average and push it over the top

The things you need for this: Link = the story we ready so far is The rape of the lock link to read is here:

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