IT principles in Electronic Discovery 1

As the lead for a private forensics investigative firm, you have been contacted via e-mail by a customer to perform a corporate financial fraud investigation. This fraud investigation will need to be conducted as part of an electronic discovery process. The customer is very concerned that there might be damage or alteration of the financial data and digital evidence during the electronic discovery process.

As the lead, you will need to provide a memo detailing the electronic discovery process to acquire the digital evidence without causing alteration or damage. Make sure to include the following in the Microsoft Word memo:

  • A title page
  • A report that includes the following:
    • an introduction to the contents of the report
    • detailed steps for the digital investigation concerning preliminary investigation before discovery
    • detailed steps for how to acquire digital evidence without causing alteration or damage to the digital evidence
    • discuss how laws might affect how the digital evidence is acquired
    • explanation of the required forensics technology to ensure proper digital evidence integrity and preservation
    • a conclusion for the electronic discovery process

The report should be a minimum of 3–5 pages in length (excluding title page) and neatly formatted. Sources should be properly cited in APA style.

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