Watch A Movie – Write A Response Paper

Watch the Movie “Frida” and write a 2.5-3 page response paper that answers the questions below. Rubric is attached. Will send link to movie. Each question can be it’s own paragraph.

  1. What role did the politics of post-revolutionary Mexico play in Kahlo’s and Rivera’s lives? And what role did politics play in Kahlo’s and Rivera’s art? For Kahlo and Rivera, could their art and political beliefs be separated?
  2. What were the most important factors that led to Kahlo’s creativity and desire to paint? Were Kahlo’s paintings a “reaction against neocolonialism” as discussed in this week’s primary source?
  3. Overall, how would you rate this film as an historical source? What was the relationship between Frida Kahlo’s art and post revolutionary politics? For instance, why did Leon Trotsky come to Mexico and stay in the Kahlo family home?
  4. Why did Kahlo remain with Diego Rivera until her death, despite his affairs?
  5. What messages did Kahlo’s paintings express? Do you prefer Kahlo’s more personal art or Rivera’s larger murals? And why do you think Kahlo has become so popular?
  6. How can you see elements of Latin American nationalism in both Rivera and Kahlo’s paintings and work?
  • attachment


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