IRAC analysis and how the legal concepts, law homework help

Create an 3-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint®presentation in which you address the IRAC analysis andhow the legal concepts in the selected case can be applied within abusiness managerial setting. Include an explanation of how to manage therisk involved with compliance issues.

Case:Sixty of the 100 senators present voted to cut off the debate on anenvironmental issue. A petition with sixteen votes had been circulatedin the Senate. Senator Brown then spoke for only an hour on this issuethe first day after the petition was signed.

Issue: Has cloture been demonstrated?

Rule:The Senate cuts off debate if three-fifths of the senators present voteto do so two days after sixteen senators sign a petition for it; eachmember may then speak for only one hour.

Analysis:The sixty represent three-fifths of the hundred senators. Senator Brownspoke on the first day after the petition was signed, making it thesecond day after sixteen senators signed it. Senator Brown spoke foronly one hour.

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