IP4-Data, Management, and Security

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Write 700 words.

Complete the following:

  • Based on your experiences and your knowledge of data abstractions, data management, database systems, managing corporation information resources, cybersecurity, and information security management, what potential areas of research do you find most interesting?
    • What is the problem that you want to solve?
      • What is the importance of solving this problem?
      • Please identify the root cause of the problem.
      • Please discuss a potential solution to address the root cause of the problem.
      • Please create at least 1 research question that reflects both the problem and the potential solution.
  • Use the Library to obtain a recent research article on 1 of the areas, and describe the results of the research discussed.
  • Include in-text citations from at least 2 scholarly sources along with the references for those citations at the end of the text using APA format.
    • The article and 1 of the texts can be used to meet the scholarly source requirement.

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