Help me study for my Physics class. I’m stuck and don’t understand.


Every great class is made of a great community of students. In an online class, it can be tough to maintain social interactivity and promote solidarity in problem solving. This is a way to help address that, by breaking the ice.

Discussion Prompt

In this icebreaker activity, you and your peers will be lying to each other (which is absurd, because everything on the internet is obviously true). We will be playing the ever famous two lies and a truth. You will reply to this post and state three facts about yourself. Two of them will be lies, and one will be a truth. Your peers are then to try to guess the truth out of the three statements.


  1. Reply to this post and list three statements about yourself. Two of them will be lies, and one will be a truth.
  2. Find two of your peers’ posts, and write which of the statements is the actual truth. Write your own misguided reasoning for why that one statement might be the truth.
  3. When capable, seek out posts which have not been replied to yet.
  4. Finally, respond to your own post answering either questions your peers might have, or stating whether their guesses were right or wrong. This is your chance to elaborate.


This assignment will be graded on the following:

  • Initial post has three statements about yourself.

  • You have made replies to two other student’s post
  • You had returned to your own post after a reply was made on it and stated the actual answer. This final reply is

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