Introduction to Physical Anthropology – Please Answer the three following questions about The American Eugenics Movement

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View the two video clips below on the American Eugenics Movement. Then answer the questions below:

Video Clip on American Eugenics movement from the documentary series

The Gene: An Intimate History – Part One

Video Clip on Carrie Buck and the Eugenics movement from the documentary “The Eugenics Crusade.”

Carrie Buck

From Title:

The Eugenics Crusade

Answer the following questions:

1. Eugenics scientists believed that alcoholism, promiscuity and poverty were inherited in the same way as hair and eye color. Explain why they were incorrect and describe the harmful social effects of this fallacy.

2. Who was Carrie Buck, and why was she the subject of a 1927 U.S. Supreme Court case?

3. Recent advances in genetics have made it possible to alter the human genome and select for particular genetic traits. Do you think the lessons from the American Eugenics movement are relevant when considering how to regulate new genetic technologies? Why or why not?

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