Introduction to Anthropology

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For this assignment, you will submit a bibliography that contains at least 5 scholarly sources that will be used for the Research Paper later in the term.

You will need to choose a topic for the Research Paper before you begin this assignment. Open the Research Paper Topics document for a list of the research topic options and choose the topic that works best with your interests and/or field of study.

FORMATTING The following elements are required:
• A title page that includes the topic of your paper
• Current Turabian formatting
• The scholarly sources should include academic journal articles, academic websites, and books that are supported by the author’s own academic research on the topic.
• Evaluate all sources used in the paper – This should not be a section in the bibliography, but a process that you compete as you are conducting the research for this paper. Please be sure that all sources are considered scholarly sources in academia.
• Do not use Wikipedia or any source that contains the word Wiki.
• Do not use any internet source (opinion blog, popular culture website, etc.) that does not have an author and/or does not cite the academic sources used in researching the topic.

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