Interview Questionnaire

Interview Questionnaire

Select a leader in an organization of your choice. Manager; an executive or CEO is preferred.

Name of Organization:
Name of Leader and Name of the position

Part 1: Introduction (If you cannot find this information ahead of time, you will need to ask during the interview):
What is the name of your organization?
What are your organization’s primary products and/or services?
Please provide a brief description of your organization’s current mission/purpose and its vision for the future.
Does your organization have a stated strategy that it shares with stakeholders? If so, what is that strategy?
What are your responsibilities, and what is your title?

Part 2: Crafting Strategy
Are there forces outside your organization that put pressure on how your business is run? Briefly describe them.
How has your organization changed its strategy in response to outside forces?
How do your biggest rivals compete to try to gain an advantage with customers in your markets?
What do you believe is your organization’s competitive advantage over rivals?
Describe how your organization involves the leadership team in developing strategies during challenging economic times.
Describe how your organization involves other employees in developing strategies.

Part 3: Executing Strategy
How does your organization communicate its vision and strategy to employees?
Briefly describe how your organization builds internal capabilities.
Describe how you organization determines and communicates objectives.
Describe how you and your organization evaluate performance towards stated objectives.

Part 4: Must aID five questions of your own strategy-related interview questions.


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