Interview of a remarried stepparent and 5 page results

Need help with my Social Science question – I’m studying for my class.

Please follow attached instructions carefully. Both the attached stepparent and remarried forms will need to be filled out. Also, the more quotes the better. This is interviewing a remarried stepparent, so it should be interesting, thoughtful, poignant and lovely with a touch of nostalgia what could have been and a niblet of anger. 🙂 Also attached you will find a sample student paper but it is for a married parent so it only provides a basis for how I want this done. Will require book online. Will provide log in info once accepted.

Book instructions: About the chapter, the instructor didn’t assign any specific but she just want me to write that anything that I can use on the essay. So I think you can just use the tool to search the relative point in the book. And there is way on the criteria page that tells you how to cite if you don’t know. thank you.

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