interview 19

As you work to compose your interview guides this week, please ensure that participants know when the interview is beginning, and ending, and the protocols you will follow. Your tools might all want to include something like this:

Before the interview begins, I will say this to the subject:

“This conversation is being recorded for research purposes. Please let me know now if you do not agree to being recorded. You may request that the recording stop at any time. We are here today because I want to learn about your experience with _____________. I will be asking you questions about _________________. Any information you can recall, or any stories you can share, that they have shared with you, would be helpful.”

I would also urge you all to embrace this learning experience, from difficulties with recording, to the real issue of trying to find a solid time and place for an interview, to the matrix involved in navigating participant schedules (and your own). Remember, this is an in-class pilot study, if you will, that allows you to gain valuable insight into the nuance and beauty of human subject research. So embrace all that this experience has taught you as you think about this type of data collection as it might relate to what shapes into your own dissertation. As you create your data collection tools this week, think about how the interview can be both powerful and important.


I want 12 questions to the director of a primary school and what is the experience that benefited from it in the school and how can we enter the technology of the school and the integration of the visually impaired and did the school already embraced children with visual or motor disabilities and what is the reaction of teachers and students

The presentation shall be clear and in which the purpose of the interview is how to integrate the technology in the environment of normal education, private education and also end

I want to work together in vinyl and use the same questions and answer them in detail, I will send it now

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