International Relations & Vietnam War Documentary by Ken Burns Analysis Paper

Question Description

After viewing the Ken Burns, Vietnam War documentary, I would like for you to complete the following questions for the film analysis. Please answer the questions in complete sentences/paragraphs. Each response should be at a minimum of two paragraphs long. Please use proper grammar, spelling, sentence structure, syntax. You will be graded on these components.

Due Date: December 2, 2019

1. Using one of the major theories of International Relations, explain the United States’ decision to enter the War in Vietnam.

2. Understanding President Kennedy’s position on the War in Vietnam, what level of analysis could best be used to explain Kennedy’s position? Why? Be sure to back up your answer with material from class.

3. What was the role of France in the Vietnam War? What was the reason they eventually withdrew from the War? How did this impact the United States decision to continue to engage in the Conflict?

4. Who were the two major leaders in the Vietnam War? What would the individual level of analysis say about these leaders based on their behaviors in the conflict?

5. Who would you say won the Vietnam War? Why? Be sure to justify your answer

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