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International Marketing Class:

MY PRODUCT IS: “Follow Your Heart” (

MY COUNTRY IS: The United Kingdom

General Instructions and Purpose of Cultural Analysis

The data suggested in the cultural analysis includes information that helps the marketer make market planning decisions.However, its application extends beyond product and market analysis to being an important source of information for someone interested in understanding business customs and other important cultural features of the country.

The information in this analysis must be more than a collection of facts. Whoever is responsible for the preparation of this material should attempt to interpret the meaning of cultural information.That is, how does the information help in understanding the effect on that market? For example, the fact that almost all the populations of Italy and Mexico are Catholic is an interesting statistic, but not nearly as useful as understanding the effect of Catholicism on values, beliefs, and other aspects of market behavior. Furthermore, even though both countries are predominantly Catholic, the influence of their individual and unique interpretation and practice of Catholicism can result in important differences in market behavior.


Write ONLY 5 items + Mandatory items for this part:

You need to include mandatory items– Introduction section, Executive summary and References–and address at least 5 items of 14 items written below, that you think are most important.

Each item you choose to write about can be ¼ – ½ page.

!!!! MY PRODUCT IS: “Follow Your Heart” (

MY COUNTRY IS: The United Kingdom !!!!!

Guideline: Subtitles to be used

Introduction(Mandatory: ¼ – ½ page)

Include objectives of this cultural analysis report and short descriptions of the uses of this report related to your product. If you’ve decided on your product already, also include short profiles of the company, the product to be exported, and the country with which you wish to trade. *For this product, you will pick one of the local products that are not yet available in foreign countries. You will investigate marketable opportunities of the given product in this assignment.

– Brief discussion of the country’s relevant history (Item #1)

– Geographical setting (Item #2)

– Social institutions:

A. Family (Item #3)

B. Education (Item #4)

C. Political system (Item #5)

D. Legal system (Item #6)

E. Social organization (Item #7)

F. Business Customs (Item #8)

– Religion and other belief systems (Item #9)

– Living conditions

A. Diet and nutrition (Item #10

B. Housing (Item #11)

C. Clothing (Item #12)

-Language(Item #13)

– A briefing on Negotiation Style (ours and theirs)(Item #14)

Executive summary (Mandatory: ¼ – ½ page)

After completing all of the other sections, prepare half page summary of the major points and place it at the front of this cultural analysis part. The purpose of an executive summary is to give the reader a brief glance at the critical points of your report. Those aspects of the culture a reader should know in order to do business in the country, but would not be expected to know or would find different from his/her own country. SRC should be included in this summary.

  1. Sources of information (References: Mandatory: Page Break)
  1. Appendixes (Attached if needed)

analysis part should be at least 3 – 5 pages, excluding: the reference list, the cover page, and the half-page executive summary at the beginning of each part. This report should be single-spaced, one-inch margin on all sides, in a professional format with appropriate subtitles numbered and written in bold. Arial or Times New Roman size 12 font should be used for the body. APA styles and guidelines should be applied throughout the report

Some References to please include: + more of your choosing. ( please use actual quotations to reference from articles:)……

I attached lecture slides from chapter 4, if you could maybe refer to them a little somewhere in the paper also without actually quoting anything.

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