International Business Operations Management


Your group is a management team for a large electronics manufacturing company. You are tasked with selecting the best software packages for the firm’s materials requirements planning (MRP), capacity requirement planning (CRP), enterprise resource planning (ERP), supply chain management, inventory control, shop floor control, and production planning scheduling needs.


Company specifics:


Size: 500 – 1000 employees


Product: Computer parts (Processors, Circuit broads and Wire harness)


Production Schedule: 5 days a week / with overtime when needed.


Productions capacity:

1.       Processor: 2500 a day

2.       Circuit Broads: 1500 a day

3.       Wire Harness: 450 a day

Ordering: using a Kanban system (max – min) – order when the levels of needed inventory drops below or when it reaches the minimum number set by the Kanban. Using the same system to order supplies.


Shipping and Distribution: We are a large Electronic Manufacture and our shipping schedule is determined by the needs of the customer. If the customer needs or wants more we need to increase our inventory and production schedule. The customer often changes their demand by bringing orders in, reducing and pushing the orders out. This is a very dynamic schedule it changes all the time.

4.       Processor: 6500 to 17500 a week depending on their demand.

5.       Circuit Broads: 4000 to 10500 a week depending on their demand.

6.       Wire Harness: 1200 to 2800 a week depending on their demand.


Evaluate three software systems available and the pros and cons of each. 


The three software systems are 

MRP – Oracle

CRP – Syspro

ERP – Deltek


3-4 paragraphs as to which software you recommend for the large manufacturing company and why. 

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