Instructional Leadership: Development Approach 5 pages

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Instructional Leadership: Development Approach 5 pages


Sources: 5 sources required

Style: APA 7th edition


This is for a dissertation, case study for federal organization, descriptive and qualitative design. Construct an introduction and background Instructional Leadership: Development Approach topic. Follow this outline to address required components: 1. Begin by briefly describing Instructional Leadership:Development Approach to establish the main ideas and context. 2. Next, orient the reader to the basic concepts about Instructional Leadership:Development Approach presented in the problem and purpose statements. 3. Next, describe the facts and relevant context as a foundation leading to the study problem and purpose. Focusing on a Case Study on federal organization which is my area of research interest, briefly laying the groundwork for what has been done in the area and why the area is of important social or practical concern, or of theoretical interest. 4. Explain why this Instructional Leadership: Develop Approach is important in the workplace. 5. Include appropriate, recent, and scholarly sources to support each assertion.

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