information systems 13.2


On Your Own 13-2








1. Create a new, blank workbook, and

then save the workbook as Computer


Service Calls.





2. Rename the Sheet2 worksheet as

Service Calls.





3. In the Service Calls worksheet, enter




labels for the following columns of




data: client, address, phone, date of




service, hours, travel fee, hourly rate,




and service charge.




4. Enter fictional data for at least five




clients. Do not enter data in the




service charge column.




5. Enter a formula to calculate the




service charge for each client, which




is the number of hours multiplied by




the hourly rate plus the travel fee.




6. Enter a formula to total the service




charge for all the clients. Add an




appropriate label to identify the total.




7. Above the client data, insert rows as




needed, and then enter a company




name and worksheet purpose.




8. Format the worksheet for printing,




changing the page orientation and




scale as needed to fit the contents on




one printed page.

9. Rename Sheet1 as Documentation,





and then enter information




documenting the workbook. Include




the name of the company (create a




fictional name), your name, the




current date, and a brief description




of the purpose of the workbook.




10.Save, preview, and print the




workbook, and then close it.


On Your Own








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