Industrial Engineering

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  1. Product claim used to get venture capital

Create a claim using the proven technique below to get venture capital money for a new product idea. Use your own new product idea or pick an innovative product that is already on the market and act like it’s a new idea for which you are trying to get venture capital (e.g. IPHONE, new golf club, new app, etc.)

From the book, Crossing the Chasm by Geoffrey A. Moore

Use the following template to create a claim for a new product/service in two sentences—fill in the info within the parenthesis:

  • For (target customers),
  • who are dissatisfied with (the current market alternative),
  • our Product is a (new product category),
  • that provides (key problem-solving capability).
  • Unlike (the product alternative)
  • we have assembled the (key whole product features for your specific product application)


Silicon Graphics in Hollywood:

For post-production film engineers, who are dissatisfied with the limitations of traditional film editors, our digital workstation is a digital film editor, that lets you modify your film images in any way you choose. Unlike workstations from Sun, HP or IBM, we have assembled all the interfaces needed for post-production film editing.

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