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There are two videos you are going to watch then you’er going to answer the questions. Videos link and questions are in the attachments.

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Part I. Watch the video entitled “Powering the Planet”, part of the “Earth: The Operator’s Manual” project (check it out at led by Dr. Richard Alley of Penn State. You can access the video at As you watch the video, please answer the following questions. Some of the questions involve synthesis, so you may have to pause and/or rewind at times to get your thoughts down. Questions: 1. Energy choices today … what are the issues? Ponder for a moment… 2. What is the biggest, most promising energy source? How much energy (quantify somehow…)?! 3. What is concentrated solar power? How does it work? Notice the historical tie to PA! 4. Spain … What is happening here in regard to concentrated solar power? To the tune of how much power? 5. How has this technology been allowed to develop here? 6. Now to Morocco … What’s happening here in regard to solar power? Desert Tech vision … focus. How much energy? 7. Moving on… Other ways to harvest sunlight. How so? 8. Brazil … What has happened here in regard to biofuels? Which biofuel in particular? 9. Summarize how this energy resource has been developed. How is it produced? How long to establish this as a mainstream fuel (keep in mind for later…)? 10. FLEX car … what is that? 11. Scale up … how so? How much? Without doing what? 12. One main lesson = ? 13. What do Samso, Denmark, and west Texas have in common? 14. Overcoming NIMBY … How executed? Yes! Summarize from both Samso and Roscoe… 15. “…Sell the wind…”: Benefits and more benefits to those communities. Describe a bit. 16. The dark side of climate change. What are tipping points? Ride the rollercoaster…and bungee jump… 17. What is the natural variation in atmospheric CO2 concentrations over the past 400,000 years? What is this concentration today? Are you concerned? 18. How do we NOT send our climate system over the edge?! 19. In regard to clean energy, what is China up to these days? 20. Carbon storage … What is that? In response to what? 21. Chinese coal … mighty, clean, benign … how so?! Tackle directly… 22. PCC = ? Elaborate on the economic feasibility and tradeoffs. 23. GreenGen … what is up with this facility? Comment on the ultimate goals of using this facility. 24. Cheaper to pollute … Why not just continue? Consider our own energy policy when responding to this question! 25. What important lesson can be we learn from China in terms of energy policy implementation? 26. Can we afford it? Can we change? At what cost? Any historical examples of major societal changes…? 27. Making the right decisions in America … Why not? Synthesize a bit here… 28. Yikes! Third World status … How so? Do you think this guy is correct? Elaborate… 29. A prelude to what comes next (see part II below): Alaska, Baltimore, Kansas … In a few words each, what are these places up to? 30. The cost… (what insight do you have here?) Part II. Watch segments from the Earth: The Operator’s Manual video entitled “Energy Quest USA” found at You do not have to watch the entire video this time. (You may certainly do so if you wish!) This time you can watch certain segments and proceed accordingly… Proceed to the last page! Exercise: 1. To provide historical perspective, summarize the video segment focused on “America’s Energy Past”. (Go to Video Segments and click on this particular segment…) 2. To link with the greater Earth system and think about climate-energy tradeoffs in our country, summarize the video segment focused on “America: The Operator’s Manual”. (Go to Video Segments and click on this particular segment…) 3. Focus on one the specific segments (Alaska, Fort Worth, Kansas, Baltimore or Portland) and summarize what is being done to address energy issues in one of these places. (Go the Video Segments and click on the segment of your choosing…) 4. You are encouraged to watch the other specific segments as well… Part III. Epilogue: For those who want a very current article on the dire state of the climate system, please see “World Scientists’ Warning of a Climate Emergency” at

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