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Purpose: The purpose of this Application Assignment is to interview four people with questions provided for you. You will then summarize their answers and evaluate why you feel they answered the way they did. Skills: In this assignment you will practice the following skills that are essential to your success in this course, in school, and in life generally: 1. Interacting with other people 2. Asking questions and making note of the answers 3. Summarizing information and presenting this information in written format 4. Explaining why you feel people answered the way they did 5. Experiment with graphs in your word processor Knowledge: This assignment will help you to become familiar with the following content knowledge: 1. Federalism in our country’s system of government 2. Some reasons why people answer the same question differently _____________________________________________________________________________________Task: Step 1. Ask four people of differing demographics (age, occupation, gender, education, race, political affiliation (if any) etc.) the following five questions and take note of their demographics and the answers each gives to the five questions. You will need to determine each person’s demographics as you will need to provide this information as part of your paper. (You will need to summarize all this material within the paper.)Preliminary Questions: Please find out and take note the demographics from each person. Then move onto the following five questions.Question 1. The role of the federal government has necessarily increased significantly from the Founding era to the present. Do you think it is possible for the United States—given its large geographic space, population, and influence on the rest of the world—to have a smaller government? Yes No Question 2. Considering the current distribution of power and authority between the federal government and state and local governments, do you believe we should: a. Provide the federal government with more power and authority? b. Provide state and local governments with more power and authority? c. Maintain the current distribution of power and authority between governments?

Question 3. Which level of government do you believe is best able to protect the liberty, equality, and rights of all its citizens? a. Local government b. State government c. Federal government d. A combination of the three governments Question 4. Which level of government do you feel is best able to handle the bad immigration problems we have in the U.S.? a. Federal government b. State government c. Local government d. Some combination of all three governments Question 5. In the coming years, do you believe the power and authority of the federal government will increase, remain the same, or decrease? a. Increase b. Remain the same c. Decrease Step 2. Now, in your paper, provide a brief summary of each person’s demographics (age, occupation, gender, education, race, etc.) and their answers to each question in a paragraph. So you should have at least four paragraphs worth of summaries. Don’t repeat the questions but instead summarize by subject area (example: demographics, distribution of governmental power, government best suited to protect liberty of all, government best suited to deal with immigration issues, future changes in power and authority). Don’t identify the individuals by name. Identify them by number (Person 1) or some other anonymous identifier (their occupation or something like that). Step 3. Then, taking into consideration your readings from chapters 1-3, especially chapter 3, discuss what you discovered in the responses that you received. Analyze why you thought people answered the way they did. For instance, are answers generation-based, does education make a difference, does occupation make a difference, does gender make a difference, Does where they live or where they grew up make a difference, does political affiliation make a difference, etc.? Did the responses surprise you? If they did, explain why. Make sure you discuss inconsistencies you see in the responses provided. I want you to try and reconcile the answers you received to these questions, the general feeling Americans have of the differences between state power and federal power, and what you learned in the video lecture and the text. Look at the rubric to see what I am looking for in your paper to make sure you get all the points possible. Step 4. On a separate sheet of paper, create a graph of some sort that sets out all or some of what you learned in your interviews (demographics and answers to the questions). There are many ways the answers could be represented. Thus, there is not a right or wrong way to create a graph. Play around with the graph maker in your word processing software and create one or more graphs that represent all or some of what you learned from the individuals. The purpose of this is for you to explore your

word processing program or other graph-producing program and see what kinds of graphs can be created and the types of information that can be demonstrated by graphs. Make sure that what you demonstrate in your graph is obvious to the reader (Dr. Lee). The reader should be able to look at your graph and determine what is being shown without having to read your paper to understand it. Step 5. Upload your Application Assignment, including your graph, to Canvas by the due date and time. Technical Paper Requirements (please read and carefully follow):1. Your paper will be three full pages double-spaced — no more, no less, not including your graph summarizing the demographics and participants responses. (Please do not add extra space before or after paragraphs – use true double spacing. This may require you to figure out how to change default formatting.) The fourth page will contain your graph. I know this will be hard. I expect you to plan, ponder, write, rewrite, review, rewrite, rewrite, rewrite (you get the picture). This assignment could easily be much more than three pages long, however, I want you to write effectively, efficiently, succinctly, and well. That is why I have put a page limit. You will have many times in life where you must say what you want and need to say in a limited space. This will help you practice doing so. 2. Do not use a title page. On the first line just put Application Assignment #1 and your name. Then go right into your paper. DO NOT put the course, date, my name, or other things at the top of the first page. In other words, the beginning of your paper should look like this: Application Paper #1 Scott LeeFor this assignment I interviewed four people on questions based on federalism. This paper summarizes what I learned. . . . . . (And off you go.) 3. Use 12 point Calibri (or another sans serif) font. (For distinction purposes, a sans serif font does not have the straight or curved lines at the beginning and end of letters like the letters in this sentence. This font is Times New Roman.) If you do not have access to a sans serif font, use Times New Roman 12 point font and tell me when you upload it on Canvas that you don’t have a sans serif font available.4. Use one inch margins all around. 5. Use only Word or pdf format for your paper. I ask that you not use Pages because I have noted that at times it will not upload correctly into Canvas.6. Your paper should follow these instructions, be well written, and be organized. Please make sure you check for things such as typos, proper grammar, punctuation, and spelling. You will lose points for those types of mistakes. I want to help you not only learn the material in the class but to also become better writers. You may want to check with the writing center here on campus for help. They are willing and able to help you but they need sufficient time to review your paper and give you input on it. You should plan on writing and then revising your paper (maybe multiple times) to make sure it says what you think it says and what you actually want it to say before you submit it. (For comparison purposes, when I write papers, I never have less than seven or eight major revisions, and sometimes many more than that.) Recognize that the writing center may need some time to review your work so don’t send it to them and expect results in 30 minutes

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