In this written task you will need to identify an injury that is common to a sport of your choice.

In this written task you will need to identify an injury that is common to a sport of your choice.  You will be required to identify the risks of developing this injury considering analysis of movement/

technique, equipment, psychology or training programmes.
Within your chosen sport, you may need to focus on one discipline or playing position e.g. rugby union prop forward.

Having identified the potential risks, you need to use or develop an appropriate assessment tool to gather accurate and relevant information that could then be used to develop a specific injury reduction programme.  Your clinical reasoning for choice of assessment tool should be critically discussed and justified.
NB you are NOT required to develop the injury reduction programme.

This task will assess learning outcomes 1 and 2
The assignment will count for 50% of the overall module mark, with a pass mark of 40%.
The essay should be no longer than 3000 words. The assignment should be submitted to BOTH turn-it in and grade centre on the blackboard site.

In the essay you are expected to present a logical line of argument, for which you should provide support and justify the points made.

You should not present a series of discrete or unrelated points. You are expected to evaluate, analyse and discuss material rather than just present it in a descriptive manner. As a rough guide, for M level study, no more than 25-30%

of the material should be descriptive. Aim for depth of analysis of a specific injury and make sure you relate directly to the assignment title. Do not be afraid to be imaginative or to indicate your own views on the subject area, but they must be supported by the argument being presented and where possible by empirical evidence.

Literature should be used judiciously, with a critical evaluation of what is being said, rather than just reporting it. Illustrative examples may be used but do not waste words providing background information. Diagrams and figures should aID clarity and complement the written text – not just restate it, or be a box around a chunk of written text.

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