In Exercise 27, suppose that t

In Exercise 27, suppose that the third sample mean is 427.5 (instead of 437.5). Use Tukey’s procedure to see which population averages can be considered different from one another (   .05). Use the method of placing bars under those means that are not statistically different from one another. Write a short sentence summarizing your conclusions. Assume the MSE remains the same as in Exercise 27.

Exercise 27

An experiment to compare the wall coverage area of five different brands of yellow interior latex paint used 4 gallons of each brand. The sample means of the coverage areas (in ft2 /gal) for the five brands were: 462.0, 512.8, 437.5, 469.3, 532.1. The MSE was 272.8 and the computed F statistic for the ANOVA test was found to be significant at   .05. Use Tukey’s test (at   .05) to investigate the pairwise differences between the coverage areas of the five brands of paint.

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