In an experiment to study the

In an experiment to study the possible effects of four different concentrations of a chemical on heights of newly grown plants, suppose that an ANOVA test is conducted and that plant height is measured in inches. At a later date, the experimenter decides that plant heights should have been measured in centimeters instead of inches. After multiplying the data in the original samples by 2.54 (1 in.  2.54 cm), the experimenter wants to know what effect this data conversion will have on the conclusions drawn from the ANOVA test.

a. Use the formulas for SSTr, SSE, SST, MSE, and MSTr to discuss the effect that changing from inches to centimeters has on the ANOVA calculations.

b. Based on your conclusions in part (a), what general statement can you make about the effect of changing units of measure in an ANOVA test?

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