In a batch process for the man


In a batch process for the manufacture of ethyl cellulose, ethyl chloride is reacted with alkali cellulose to form the cellulose ether. The degree of reaction is dependent on the cellulose/ethyl chloride ratio, temperature, time, and agitator speed, each of which has been standardized. Product properties are strongly dependent on percent ethoxyl, a measure of degree of reaction. The following data on ethoxyl content (%) were taken on 201 batches of ethyl cellulose, all manufactured when the process was under normal conditions.





(a) Tabulate the frequency and relative frequency of each value.


(b) Construct a frequency and relative frequency histogram, selecting appropriate class marks and class lengths.


(c) Construct cumulative frequency and relative frequency diagrams of the data using the same class marks and class lengths as in part (b).


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