In a 3–5 page paper, identify and describe four major areas of domestic violence in America. Compare those same four major problem areas that of at least four other cultures. Major points should be clearly stated and well supported with facts, details, an

Cultures Comparison Worksheet

This worksheet has been made available to you to ensure you understand the design of this assignment. This assignment measures your knowledge of comparative domestic violence (DV) between present-day American society to that of four other cultures. It also provides you the ability to demonstrate college-level communication through the composition of original materials in Standard American English using the American Psychological Association (APA) format.

Cultures, in this case, is defined as those nations outside the borders of the United States. They may or may not have the same domestic violence issues. Your task is to find four domestic violence problems which all your examples have in common! This will require the following:

1.      Researching American DV problems

2.      Choosing four other countries to study and studying their DV problems.

3.      Finding four DV problems all five countries have in common

4.      Explaining such per the outline included here

5.      Arriving at a conclusion

6.      Providing a minimum of three references besides your classroom text

Please remember to refer to your grading rubric with any questions you may have about the expectation level for the assignment. Check your Assignment Guide for further details. Do not hesitate to contact your instructor with any specific questions you may have. 

I have attached the template that should be used and the reading from the class.

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