Importance of Cultural Divers


Teresa is a new HIM Manager at a small community hospital in a very diverse community. It is evident that the HIM employees must understand and support a culture of diversity, but there is no departmental education plan in place. There is no training department but the HR department is able to assist with training needs. The HIM department has ten employees that support a range of HIM functions.

(1) Cultural Diversity Training Plan Presentation

  • Create a cultural diversity training plan presentation for the HIM department using ADDIE (see video clip below). Make sure to address each step (Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation, and Evaluation) in your plan. Note this is a plan – you are not developing the actual training content. Consider what training approach may work best. What is the ADDIE model/process?
  • Summarize your plan in a short PowerPoint presentation that includes 5-7 slides including speakers notes (see notes area below slide area). Use good presentation design principles ( Consider potential training costs and be mindful of budgetary constraints. Make sure to include at least 2-3 learning objectives. Learning objectives outline what the participants should be able to do based on the training. Each learning objective should start with an action verb.
  • (2) Memo. Draft a memo to the chief financial officer (CFO) in proper format summarizing the cultural diversity training plan you have developed, the rationale for the plan, and any potential costs. Explain the return on investment for the employee training required. Make sure to format your memo appropriately

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