Identify at least 3 different datasets and perform some initial exploration. Potential Sources..

1. Identify at least 3 different datasets and perform some initial exploration. Potential Sources for Datasets a. Kaggle b. Open Data Network c. American Community Survey d. Bureau of Labor Statistics e. Bureau of Economic Analysis f. Open Data Cincinnati g. h. i. Amazon Web Services Datasets j. The General Society Survey 2. Once you have narrowed down the 3 data set candidates then you need to start thinking about what type of questions you would want to ask and answer of these data sets. Answer the following questions below based on the datasets which you picked. 1. Provide an introduction that explains the problem statement you are addressing. Why would someone be interested in this? 2. Draft 5-10 Research questions that focus on the problem statement. 3. Provide a concise explanation of how you plan to address this problem statement. 4. Discuss how your proposed approach will address (fully or partially) this problem. 5. Do some digging on a dataset that you can use to address the issue. ? Original source where the data was obtained is cited and, if possible, hyperlinked. ? Source data is thoroughly explained (i.e. what was the original purpose of the data, when was it collected, how many variables did the original have, explain any peculiarities of the source data such as how missing values are recorded, or how data was imputed, etc.). 6. Identify the Packages that are needed for your project. 7. What types of plots and tables will help you to illustrate the ?ndings to your research questions? 8. What do you not know how to do right now that you need to learn to answer your research questions?


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