Identify and explain three examples of biblical allusions used by MLK, Jr. in his “I See the Promised Land” speech.

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you must rely on the text(s) anc cite it/them at least once in your response


In the Harvard Religious Literacy Project’s “Our Method,” Diane Moore begins by distinguishing two approaches to the study of religion, religion as “devotional expression” which makes normative claims about which religious beliefs and practices are “orthodox” and the “nonsectarian study of religion” which is more descriptive in nature and recognizes the legitimacy of diverse religious expressions (1). Adopting this latter approach, Moore claims that three further claims about religious traditions emerge: 1) that religious traditions are internally diverse, meaning that there are differences “within sects or expressions because religious communities function in different social/political contexts” (2); 2) that religious traditions evolve and change over time, and as such, “are constantly interpreted and reinterpreted by believers” (2); and 3) that religious traditions are embedded in cultures, and “just as religion cannot be understood in isolation from its cultural (including political) contexts, it is impossible to understand culture without considering its religious dimensions” (3).

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