Identify a case on Nexis Uni

Fill in the information below after finding the following case on Nexis/Uni:

A not-for-profit corporation sought judgment to restrain the US from enforcing the statute that regulates electronic payments to certain online gaming businesses. An attorney for the non-profit stated that the government was unnecessarily imposing morality on the customers of these businesses and that the statute was unconstitutionally vague. The judge at the district level rejected the claims, stating that a person of ordinary intelligence could understand the definitions set forth in the statute. When the non-profit appealed the district court decision, the appellate judge agreed with the district court’s decision.

Hint: The statute at issue in this case is 31 U.S.C.S. § 5361.

Clarification: This case you are looking for is the circuit court case, NOT the case from the lower court.

Please answer the following (several sentences for each):

– Citation.

+Example: McGladrey & Pullen, LLP, et al. v. Shrader, 62 Va Cir. 401 (2003).)

+Shorten the party names if appropriate (e.g. Butler v. Navistar Int’l Transp. Corp. instead of Butler v. Navistar International Transportation Corporation). Include only the first case number you see in the heading, such as 62 Va Cir. 401, 544 U.S. 228, or 656 F 3d 250.

– Court.

+Give the court in which the case was heard (e.g. Va Supreme Court, 9th Circuit Court, or Northern District Court of Ohio).

– Summary in several sentences: Explain your assigned case using straightforward language (i.e. a high school level vocabulary), as though you were speaking to someone who has never taken any classes in law or ethics. Make sure you include the following:

+State who sued whom and briefly describe the claims made by the plaintiff.

+Which party won? (Give the party name, not “plaintiff,” “appellee” or “defendant.”)

– Describe in several sentences the search process you used for the above answers and your level of comfort in using NU for legal research. (For example, which keywords were useful/not useful in your searches? Did you have any problems working with NU? If there are any issues you feel are not covered in the online resources, please note them here.)

Status of case :

+ Using annotated screenshots or a written description of the page layout, explain how one can determine the status of a case**. See the example attachments

+ Is the precedent** set by your case still valid? This should be more than a couple of sentences. Remember that a green or red symbol does not automatically make a case “safe” or “unsafe” for use in an argument.

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