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Purpose: The purpose of this online assignment is to help students develop a well-organized civic engagement online project.

Skills: This online assignment will assist students in practicing the following skills that are key to college success and success in professional life:

–Composing a clear, concise, post to synthesize course content.

–Apply prior learning from course materials (e.g., readings, lens, terms and or/ concepts)

Knowledge: This online project will also assist students in becoming familiar with the following essential content knowledge expressed by the Humanities ( as a discipline ).

–Use of proper APA citation guidelines for capturing direct quotes.

–Apply evidence from a specific reading to a well – developed claim or argument.

Tasks: To complete this assignment, teams must:

–design (2D or 3D) a civic monument or memorial for victims of the COVID-19 outbreak


–design (2d or 3D) a civic monument or memorial for victims of oppression, violence, and discrimination

–the team design must contain at least 3-5 course terms or concepts

Instructor’s prompts:

Answer these three questions before starting the design work

1) why build it now?

2) what is the purpose or goal of the monument or memorial?

3) what message do you want to send to future generations?

Please make it in PowerPoint

submit a PowerPoint or Google Slide Presentation

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