IB 430 International Finance T

IB 430 International Finance Team Project

Students will form teams of 2 and conduct analysis of 2 multinational corporations (MNCs) in similar industries. Students will select from a list of MNCs provided, but can select their own firms if approved by the instructor.

Students will report and provide analysis on: Boeing

  1. Introduction

  2. Company profiles

  3. Analysis of MNC global equity and exchange rates

    1. ticker symbols

    2. equity markets

    3. stock charts 1 and 10 year

  4. Sources of capital and capital structure

  5. Significant economic and political events

  6. Impact of exchange rate trends on financials

a. Currency charts 1 and 10 year

  1. Hedging exchange rate risk

  2. Financial performance in international markets

a. Analysis of performance by region and total international performance 9. Student Reflection


  1. Students are to prepare and submit a 15-20 page (cover page, table of content, figures and references not included)

    1. Formatting: 1-inch margins, 12 point, Times New Roman, double space, 0 paragraph spacings, indent paragraphs

    2. Required: cover page, table of contents, chapter headings, and a full list of references in APA style

    3. Recent financial statements of each firm should be two of the references

    4. Google Finance and Yahoo Finance are good sources to create charts

    5. Paper must be Microsoft Word. Any other format will be graded as a 0 until


Grading and Criteria Paper: 100 points

  • ? Overall coverage of topics

  • ? Quality of research and analysis

  • ? Quality of writing (spelling, sentence structure, paragraph structure, proofreading)

  • ? Quality of business/formal writing

  • ? Organization and readability

  • ? Style (appropriate cover page, headings, formatting, etc.)

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