i want answer for below questions in apa format of 450 + words

I don’t know how to handle this Business question and need guidance.

Question I – Iris Inspector works for OSHA. Iris receives a complaint from an employee at a local manufacturing plant of unsafe conditions. Iris arrives at the plan to conduct an inspection, but is refused access to the plant. What must Iris do next to ensure the OSHA guidelines are being followed?

Question II – Robert is a technician for an HVAC company. Robert’s employer warned him multiple times about tracking mud through customer’s houses. After another customer complains to Robert’s employer about the muddy footprints, Robert is relieved of his employment at the HVAC Company. Next, Robert applies for unemployment compensation. Will Robert receive any unemployment compensation? Why or why not?

Question III – Claire is up for a promotion at work. During the promotion process, Claire’s supervisor asks her if she and her husband are planning on having another child. Claire answers affirmatively. Claire is passed over for the promotion. What potential cause of action might Claire possess?

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