I need to write a speech

Can you help me understand this Geology question?

We have covered a lot of different concepts in this course, such as geologic time, and plate tectonics, as well as looking at how continents and oceans moved about to eventually produce Atlantic Canada as we know it today. In this assignment, you get a chance to demonstrate what you know about one of these concepts. Consider this a class presentation. However, this is the information age, or the digital age, or is it the YouTube age? Maybe it’s all of those. Anyway, in this assignment you get to combine these two, movies and geology; you are going to make a short video illustrating one of the concepts we covered. You should pretend you are explaining the concept to someone who has no knowledge of geology. Use your friends or relatives as guinea pigs. What concepts? You can pick any geology related concept we have covered in the course, e.g. isostasy, tectonics, relative time. You can also select a location here in Atlantic Canada and explain (briefly) the geologic history of the location; how those rocks formed and came to be where they are, e.g. the granite of Peggy’s Cove. How long does it have to be? It should be a minimum of three (3) minutes in length – not counting any titles and credits. But remember this is the minimum; you can go longer if needed to illustrate your subject. I don’t want to stifle your “vision”. What needs to be in it? . . First, you need to appear in it at some point; so I know it has not just been pirated from the web. You can just appear at the start doing the introduction, and then just narrate the rest of the video if you wish. Or you can be on screen all the what through – it is up to you. It should have a title of an introduction. This will explain the concept you are illustrating. Then the body actually demonstrates or explains the concept. You can do this as a participant or as the narrator. You should have credits at the end; this is who you are and who will get the grade for the project. What form can it take? It can be a practical demonstration of a concept – you showing or doing something that illustrates a concept. It can be an animation of a concept – but you must have created it. You can record it at some location that illustrates the concept with you explaining. It can simply be a video of you giving a lecture on the concept. (remember if your audience consists of your cat and a goldfish some people may draw the conclusion that you lack friends or relatives). Pretty much any method you can come up with. However, if you are unsure if it will be acceptable then email me a brief description and I will tell you if it is acceptable. Plate tectonics as a subject of interpretative dance may be a bit too esoteric. What video format should it be? There are a lot of different formats. You should stick to one that is fairly common. It should play when it is uploaded to the course site. Also try to keep the file size fairly small – it does not have to be high def. People have managed to get 50 and even 100Mb files to upload – but this is dependent upon your computer and connection speed. Can it have a soundtrack? Once again I don’t want to stifle your creativity, so sure. But make sure that you can be heard speaking. How will it be graded? One half of the total mark will be on the presentation – how good it is and the amount of effort I think went into it. One half will be on the actually concept. Meaning you have to get this right. So make sure you do understand the concept before you begin.

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