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  • Submit one file per student
  • Microsoft Word or Pages format
  • Submitted to Schoology before deadline (no e-mails or late assignments)
  • Please contact instructor before deadline if you need assistance or extension
  • Minimum 3 paragraphs with complete sentences
  • 300-500 words
  • Your topic must be based on one of the subtopics you presented in Presentation #1 or #2 (no students should cover the same subtopics)
  • Include Title Page and Introduction, Body and Conclusion sections, separated by Headings
  • Optional: you may include graphic highlighting (a table, chart, graph, or bulleted list)
  • Any quotations must be short, and enclosed in quotation marks, followed by citation
  • Maximum 2 full sentences quoted. The rest of your report must be in your own writing
  • Include citations in APA format for any direct quotations or paraphrased information
  • Include minimum 3 References in APA format at end of report
  • For help with citations, view the following resources:
  • Your mark will be based on the group’s project as a whole, plus your individual effort and contributions
  • During the final class (Week 13), you will be asked to rate your group members’ contributions to the project (including Presentations) on the Peer Evaluation Form (counted towards your Project mark), and have a chance to ask for assistance with Formal Report
  • Submissions will open AFTER end of final class
  • and the topic is do’s and don’t while choosing a gift in business

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