i need some help answering these questions and there is no right or wrong answer

  1. The use of marijuana as a medical treatment drug is being more widely accepted around the U.S. although many states have strict laws against its use. Why would people, especially policymakers such as politicians, want to deny those that could benefit from its use the right to do so?
  1. The United States has declared “War” on many things over the years including poverty and crime. Is the use of the word “war” an appropriate term to use when attempting to curb or reduce social problems in a society such as poverty and drug use?
  1. A lot of inmates incarcerated in American’s jails and prisons are detained because of drug and alcohol related crimes. Most of these inmates receive little or no substance abuse treatment while incarcerated and after serving their sentences are released back into society expected to be “model citizens” to never use drugs again, to be great parents and hold stable jobs. Is this realistic and if not, what should be done?
  1. Divorce is often looked at in a very negative manner. Social conservatives often frown upon the high divorces rates in the U.S. and some even want to go as far as restricting divorce or at minimum making it harder to obtain. Should divorce be harder to obtain in the U.S. and if so why?
  1. Many workplaces have a zero tolerance drug abuse policy which means if you are caught using illegal drugs, you will be immediately fired. Some would consider these businesses attempting to control personal behavior outside of the workplace. Should businesses have the right to do this? If an employee (excluding occupations such as truck drivers, medical professionals, teachers, etc.) can successfully do her/his job and use recreational drugs in non- work related times, should it matter to the business?
  1. Though this textbook purports that, “There is a persistent belief that nontraditional families, such as divorced, fatherless, or working-mother families, threaten and erode the integrity of the family as an institution is a myth,” there are some within our society that believe this is not a myth and is actually a real threat to the sacred institution of marriage and the family. What do you think and why?
  1. Because of the high costs of prescription drugs, should Americans be allowed to purchase prescription drugs legally from other countries which is currently illegal? Why do you believe it isn’t legal for Americans to have choice in the global free market to purchase their prescription drugs from where they want?
  1. Critique any one of the following social welfare programs along the following : Cost-Benefit efficiency, Adequacy, and social Justice;
  1. Veterans Benefits
  1. Earned Income Tax Credit
  2. No Child Left Behind Act
  3. Medicaid
  4. WIC
  5. Workers Compensation
  6. SNAP
  7. Head Start
  8. School Breakfast Program
  9. Medicare
  10. Low Income Home Energy Assistance
  11. Social Security
  12. School Lunch Program
  13. Low Income Housing
  14. General Assistance

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