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1. Topic: The Current Economic Status of the United States of America and provide a solution

It’s required the economic students use some data and statistics to support their statement.

Use the MLA or APA Styles of Writing. Additional information reg. MLA styles of writing and rubric are posted in Canvas under the file tab.

No matter in what style of writing you use, students must do the Works Cited, Footnote, References and correct grammar. A rubric will be used for grading the paper. 3 pages are sufficient and the page 3 should contain the conclusion and references only.

2. PowerPoint Presentation

The second part requires students to create a PowerPoint file with at least 5 slides that include the following list:

The first slide should include your topic, your course information, and a relevant picture. Slides 2, 3, and 4 should have a summary of your paper include only 5 bullets in each slide. Slide # 5 should be designed to ask for any questions your audience may have. It’s recommended that you enhance the PowerPoint slides by using a relevant picture to the topic and animation, transition and sound. This project is worth 30 point overall.

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