i need help with my networking homework

I have 3 homework which are below:

C11 Backup Recovery Service

Investigate the capabilities and costs of a file, tape, and cloud-based disaster recovery service. Compare them in a spreadsheet. Attach your Excel document. Give pros and cons of using a service vs doing it in-house.

Capabilities & Costs of 3 types of DR services 30 points
Pros & Cons of service vs in-house 20 points

Chapter 11:

Write a full one page (or more) Word document explaining what you are thankful for. You can cover any topic (faith, possessions, education, politics, family, friends, country, etc.). Write about two things you learned in this class. Comment on two other people’s post.

1+ page Thankful 10 points
2 things learned 20 points
2 comments 20 points

C10 Seeing the Internet

Hands-On Activity 10A P292-293
http://www.visualroute.com/ provides a demonstration on its website. Register to use free service for a 15-day trial. Put screenshots in your Word document for each of the questions (multiple parts to #2 & 3). Type out your answers (screenshots are not an answer for #2 & #3).
#1 screenshot
#2 multiple screenshots and typed answers
#3 2 screenshots and 2 typed answers

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