i need help in writing 1 paper

Watch this Ted Talk “

Do Schools Kill Creativity” from Ken Robinson and write a brief summary of what

Robinson says and then add a brief paragraph that suggests whether you agree with him and why or

why not. Failure to complete both parts = 0. This should be about 1 page (maybe more).

Here is the link to the video



keep in mind this plz

double spaced in MLA format

Every spelling error will deduct 2 points.

Every error in capitalization will deduct 2 points.

Every spot that needs a transition, but does not have one (between paragraphs and

connecting different ideas within paragraphs) will deduct 1 point.

All punctuation errors will deduct 2 points.

No title? Deduct 5 points

No MLA format? Deduct 5 points.

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