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I’m studying and need help with a Philosophy question to help me learn.

Answer all 10 questions below (and all parts of each). Each of the 10 problems is worth 10 points. Most answers are short, some may take a few sentences. Quizzes are due no later than Friday, July 31 by 11:59 p.m. You can type up all your answers (number each question and each part with a, b, c, etc.) and then upload your document into the Canvas Module (using the formats pdf, or word, or google docs) or you can copy all your answers and then past them into the Canvas Module. The late penalty is -10 points each day your Quiz is late (plus I grade it). I will grade them and have your scores posted in Canvas a few days after the Quiz is due. Good luck.

Readings for Quiz #2: Read Unit 3: pages 116—180, from Reading 3.1 through case 3.21. Then Read unit 4 pp. 192—242, from Reading 4.1 through case 4.13, plus case 4.33 and case 4.34 (pp.341—344)

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