i need a powerpoint done ON THE CONS OF SOLITARY CONFINEMENT


CON: Solitary confinement is an ineffective method of correctional punishment and is equivalent to cruel and unusual punishment.

  1. Fully research your topic.  This is not based on opinion.  Although you may have an opinion on the issue, you need research/empirical data to support your position.  This is an academic assignment.
  2. Make sure you have a minimum of 10 to 15 slides – this does not include your cover slide or your reference slide.
  3. Provide a cover slide with the name of your presentation, your name, our course name, my name and the date.
  4. All slides must have intext citations according to APA format.  Reference your work.
  5. You must utilize at least 4 sources for this assignment.  Make sure you utilize the Berkeley library.  Do not “google” me an assignment and DO NOT USE WIKI!!!  One of your sources can be your eText.  One of your sources must be a journal article.  The other two sources can be a combination of journal articles, government reports, books, etc.  Any source you use must be a reputable source. 
  6. You must have a reference slide which lists all of your sources in APA format.
  7. Your slides should be informative, descriptive and creative.

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