i have presentation on global bribery

I don’t understand this Communications question and need help to study.

please follow the instruction below and from the dock…i need an outline and ppt dock below.

My topic about Global Bribery

Oral Communications Assignment:

The purpose of this assignment is to give you the opportunity to demonstrate your best oral communication skills. Follow the guidelines from Chapter 14, using Guffey’s Prewrite, Write, Revise strategy. Utilize your notes from the class lectures focused on oral communication skills. Be sure to follow the format of introduction, body and conclusion. Each of these areas has been discussed in detail in class. Refer to your text, your notes, and the PowerPoint slides if needed. A rubric is attached to guide you to the areas of assessment. It is often beneficial to use this as a check list to make sure you are addressing all the key areas for the presentation.

  • Select your topic from the list I will post online via Moodle. If there is another topic you would like to focus upon, please let me review it in advance for approval.

  • Prepare your outline for your presentation on the given topic. Think of yourself as an expert in the field and that you are going to explain some aspect of this topic to an interested group of people. You are required to include two businesses/corporations that provide a format for discussing the topic of your presentation. If you have time, you may want to include a second example from the corporate world. You will need to conduct some research in order to be fully prepared. At the bottom of your outline, list your sources, at least two, using the correct documentation as found in the supplement in the back of your text and is available on the King’s College library website. You may use reputable Internet sources, journal articles, corporate websites, etc. Your outline will guide you through the presentation. You must submit your outline on the day of your presentation. The attached outline is an example of what I will be expecting.

  • Prepare your PowerPoint presentation. Make it effective and supportive of your topic. Use the guidelines from Chapter 14 on visual aids. Keep in mind that charts and graphs are often helpful for highlighting trends and explaining information. You should have between 5 and 6 slides, not including your title slide or a slide at the end that asks for questions. You may have additional slides, but be mindful of the allotted time for your presentation.

  • Practice your presentation numerous times so that your information will flow and be delivered in the most professional manner. Your presentation needs to be 7-8 minutes in length. Time yourself so that you adhere to the given timeframe.

  • Deliver your presentation on your scheduled date via Zoom. Presentations will be held beginning on August 11 & August 12. Be prepared for questions from the audience.

  • Assess your performance. A self-assessment will often provide you with feedback to support your good points and help you to work on areas that still need improvement. Please note: Upload your PowerPoint and your Outline to Moodle prior to the start of your presentation . The presentation counts for 80% of your grade and the outline counts for 20%.

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