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After reading and reviewing your 3 Research Articles on your chosen topic, you will present your findings virtually to the class.Your presentation should be in PowerPoint format and should be around 10 minutes in length (5-8 slides). For help with creating your presentation, please contact the Presentation Skills Lab (Links to an external site.). They are now offering online help. Create a video by recording your voice over PowerPoint. See the video below for instructions on how to do this:

To “present” your Article Review Presentation you will be creating a Discussion in Canvas where you will post your recorded PowerPoint presentation, along with 2-3 questions about your presentation for your classmates to answer as a reply to the discussion. (Example questions: 1. What did you find interesting about this topic? 2. What were some limitations to the studies?) Please follow these instructions for Creating a Discussion in Canvas (Links to an external site.). When creating your discussion:

  • Use the research topic you chose as the Topic Title for the Discussion. For example: Branched Chain Amino Acids
  • Post your video and questions in the text box using the Rich Content Editor (see below for instructions)
  • Click the Allow Threaded Replies box so you can all reply to each other’s posts
  • Click the Users Must Post Before Seeing Replies box

Follow these step-by-step instructions to upload your video to your discussion:

Step 1: Upload Your Media to Media Gallery

  1. In the far left-side Course menu, choose “Media Gallery.” This area stores your video for the second step of submitting as an entry.
  2. Go to the far upper right area of your screen and click the blue box labeled “Add Media” then choose the “Add New” drop down menu.
  3. Select “Media Upload” from the drop-down menu.
  4. Click the blue box labeled “Choose a file to upload.” Select your video from the browse list that displays from your computer, then click “open.” It will take several minutes for your video to finish uploading.
  5. Once it is complete, please title your video with your First and Last Name, and your chosen Topic. Then click Save at the bottom.
  6. Watch the upload progress bar on your screen and do not navigate away during the process. When the progress shows complete and turns green, you will scroll down and click “Save”.

Step 2: Upload Your Video

  1. You will create a new Discussion as listed above.
  2. In the text box, you will Click on “More External Tools” (the blue “v” like symbol).**If your screen has a “Kaltura” tab, click there to start your video upload**
  3. Once you click on “External Tools” you will see a drop down menu. From this menu click on “Kaltura Media”. This is the canvas app that will allow you to post your video.
  4. A pop-up box will come on your screen next. You should notice that the video you uploaded to “My Media” will show up in your list of videos. Click on the blue “Select” button of the video you wish to submit. (It should be the same video you uploaded to my media.
  5. You may notice that your video is grayed out. This is normal – your video will finish processing once you submit the discussion post.

Grading for presentations:

  • Quality of slides and presentation
  • Content: description of topic and findings from articles

You do not need to upload your presentation to this assignment page. I will be grading from your Discussion.

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