I am need of help with the attached multiple choice quiz.Cycle-Time management is the aspect of

I am need of help with the attached multiple choice quiz.Cycle-Time management is the aspect of ___ that applies to running a better production process for aflow shop.A.B.C.D.EOQMBOTBMELSWork-in-process at a station can exceed the allotted time. A plan is needed to act on this problem. Whichof the following choices is a reasonable alternative?A. Let the unfinished or defective item move on to the next station. Tag it by type. Havecontingency plans for treating such tagged items.B. Develop a group of special workers who can shift from station to station to provide extra help asneeded.C. Label the item so it can be removed at the end of the line and be reworked then. No item withthis label will receive further attention until the end of the line.D. All of the above.To instruct line-balancers to develop proper station layouts, which of the following are sensiblestatements?A.B.C.D.E.Operations that cannot fit in station I must be moved to later stations.After stations I and II have no more room, carry further operations to station III.If there are too few stations to fit all of the operations, try enlarging the cycle time.All of the above are correct.All of the above are wrong.One of the worst systemic problems that MRP faces on an everyday basis isA.B.C.D.E.Lack of commitment by management.Sudden cancellation of sales.Last-minute changes in order sizesLack of computer time.B and CActual on-hand customer orders provide relatively _____ information about future demands.A.B.C.D.Unstable or misleading.Solid and useful.Unimportant.Minor.Order promising is best defined as:A. Time between recognition of the need for an order and the acknowledged, genuine receipt ofgoods.B. Sales department commitments for delivery. As such, it answers the question “when can youship”.C. Lists of all of subassemblies, parts, and raw materials that go into a parent assembly. As such, itshows the quantities required.D. Separating locations where end-items are built from locations of warehouses wheresubassemblies are stored._____ is among the simplest ordering methods, but it places more orders than other methods. Theseother methods compensate for fewer orders with larger order quantities.A.B.C.D.MRPPart-period orderingLot-for-lot sizingNet change MRP

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