HUMN 210 ERAU Wk 5 Ethiopian

HUMN 210 Country Presentation Outline

To gain a deeper insight into the culture of one country in the world today, you will develop a 10-15-minute narrated “Country Presentation.” In Module 4, you will develop a draft of your outline. Your instructor will provide you with feedback of this draft. Use the instructor feedback to prepare the final draft of your presentation.

Before you begin your outline, please be sure to review the Country Presentation requirements so that you understand the assignment requirements. Please contact your instructor with any questions regarding the presentation requirements.

Outline Template:

Introduction (1-2 Slides; 1-2 minutes)

Introductory Hook: Begin with a quote about your country, a story about a famous person from your country, or a description of an important place in your country. The purpose of an introductory hook is to grab the audience’s attention.

Preview: After your hook, explain the country you have selected along with a preview of the main points you will cover in the body of the presentation.

  • Body (9-13 Slides; 9-13 minutes)
  • Brief Overview of Geographic Location (1 Slide; 1 minute) – Describe where the country is located using current geographic boundaries and adjacent countries and/or bodies of water.

Cuisine and Foodways (2-3 Slides; 2-3 minutes) – Explain the country’s current cuisine including dishes and primary ingredients. Be sure to reference how the country’s cuisine and foodways influence culture – and vice versa.

Language and Dialect (2-3 Slides; 2-3 minutes) – Explain the country’s current language(s) and dialect(s). Be sure to reference how the country’s language(s) influence culture – and vice versa.

  • Religion (2-3 Slides; 2-3 minutes) – Explain the country’s current religion(s) and practices. Be sure to reference how the country’s religion influences culture – and vice versa.
  • Additional 2-3 Items (2-3 Slides; 2-3 minutes) – What 2-3 other items did you find interesting about your country? You might include some fascinating historical facts, demographics, prominent people, current events, important cities, facts about the country’s politics or economy, or anything else you enjoyed from your research. Limit yourself to only three additional facts so that you remain on track for the Country Presentation’s time limit! Consider 1 fact per slide.

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